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SternEnzym improves the production of gluten-free wafers - With the new enzyme-based compound Sternzym GA 31077 GF, stable, crispy wafers can be made from gluten-free flour. Ahrensburg, 24 November 2021. Enzyme designer SternEnzym facilitates the production of high-qualitygluten-free wafers with its new compound Sternzym GA 31077 GF. This improver makes gluten-free wafers as stable and crispy as standard… Continue reading
Enzymes for wafer production - The use of enzymes in wafer production can be very advantageous for improving the quality of final products, as well as for optimizing the production process. In general, wheat gluten plays a decisive role in baking applications and therefore also in wafer production. Unlike in bread baking, for wafers the… Continue reading
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