The right enzymes for your application

Technical expertise for individual solutions

Enzymes are indispensable in many areas of the food industry. These biocatalysts can be very useful to ensure trouble-free processing, to maximise the quality of the final products, and also to produce new functional products.

Comprehensive technical expertise around the right use of enzymes is important to maximise the desired effects. To do so, SternEnzym applies a combination of scientific research and industrial practice. On the one hand, we generate our expertise for using our products in our unique Stern-Technology Center. On the other hand, collaborations with scientific research institutes as well as industrial partners are important elements of our ideology.

What sets SternEnzym apart

  • Lab and pilot scale testing under near-industrial conditions
  • Basic research and collaborations
  • On-site assistance with customer trials
  • Individual consulting

The use of different enzymes varies greatly from process to process. The right adjustment of the reaction parameters is crucial for successful enzyme use. We establish and verify simple as well as complex analytical methods to identify the relevant parameters for the respective application. This way, we can advise customers individually and thus optimise the cost-benefit ratio.

Viktor Wild, Head of Sales

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Lab-scale trials

We keep practice in mind

Analytical expertise with a practical background

The implementation of processes in laboratory or pilot-plant scale as closely as possible to industrial conditions is the core idea of our extensive Stern-Technology Center. Our company group’s unique know-how connection gives us the ability to offer a great variety of enzyme applications for the food industry.

We understand the background

Science meets Industry

A detailed understanding of enzymatic reactions is a crucial prerequisite for the optimum use of our enzymes in processes. We generate this fundamental knowledge in our own in-house enzyme laboratory, as well as in collaborations with universities and other research institutions.

Application trials with enzymes
Industrial trials at the customer site

We roll up our sleeves

Our solution for your process

Assistance with industrial trials on site is a major part of how we maximise and demonstrate the benefit of enzyme applications. In doing so, we build on well-established and validated analytical methods. We’re always happy to discuss the resulting data in detail with our customers, so that we can find the best solution for each one of them.

Scientific knowledge

As part of our ideology, we also publish our findings in scientific journals.


Stern-Techology Center

We generate our technological expertise at the Stern-Technology Center.

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