Vegan milk alternatives

Enzymes for the production of cereal drinks

Consumer interest in vegan milk alternatives is rising, driven by the growing ecological awareness as well as the increased demand for healthier foods. Grains, especially oats, have been getting a lot of attention as beverage bases lately.

However, grain-based processes involve some challenges, but these can be very efficiently addressed with the help of technical enzymes. Using various amylases, the production process can be controlled better, and the final properties of the grain milk can be adjusted as desired. Thus, the right application of enzymes ensures the smooth production of high-quality cereal drinks.

With the accumulated knowledge of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe in the area of plant-based dairy alternatives, we can help you achieve the following two key objectives.

  • Starch hydrolysis to improve viscosity.

  • Natural sweetness without added sugar.

Vegan milk alternatives must meet high expectations of consistent quality, good flavour and the shortest possible ingredients list. However, this is also a challenge for the beverage industry. As natural biocatalysts, enzymes offer a simple way to combine process optimisation and flavour.

Uliana Moisch, Enzyme Application Engineer

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Perfect mouthfeel

Starch liquefication with alpha-amylases

Starch, a very complex carbohydrate, is the main component in grain. The use of highly active bacterial alpha-amylases in the grain mash causes the break-down of the swollen starch into water-soluble dextrins. This reduces the viscosity of the mash and prepares the starch for further saccharification. In addition, it can prevent the formation of undesirable residues of recrystallised starch in the drink container.

Advantages of Optizym

  • Improvement of viscosity in the process
  • Improved yield and use of raw materials
  • Better stability of products throughout storage time

Naturally sweet, with no added sugar

Saccharification with glucoamylase

The sweetness intensity and profile of a product are determined by the sugar spectrum. The right choice of enzymes plays a major role in this. ß-amylases split off primarily maltose and maltotriose from dextrins, giving a pleasant, mild sweetness. The use of glucoamylases, on the other hand, results in individual glucose molecules, which give a rapid increase in sweetness.

Advantages of Optizym

  • Natural sweetness without added sugar
  • Optimisation of desired sweetness
Glucoamylase for grain beverages

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