Enzymes for the food industry

Biocatalysts for all sorts of processes

Enzymes are biocatalysts that accelerate biochemical reactions or even enable them in the first place. As globular proteins, they have a very complex structure. Within this structure, there is the so-called active centre, which is the part of the enzyme that catalyses the reaction. The active centre has or forms a shape that is complementary to the starting material, generally called the substrate, in order to catalyse the desired reaction with it. Thus, a given enzyme can react only with very specific substrates, just as a key fits only one lock. This substrate or reaction specificity is a unique feature of enzymes and means that undesirable side reactions can be avoided.

These miracle-workers are all from natural sources and have varied uses in many branches of the food industry. Usually, enzymes are used to optimise production processes, to increase the quality of final products, or to generate new functional ingredients. With the help of these multi-talents, production costs can be reduced and the characteristics of food products can be modified and adjusted as desired. Individual enzymes can be used for this, as can the enzyme compounds that SternEnzym develops to provide the best solutions for each customer.


  • Process improvement
  • Innovative products
  • High specificity
  • Natural origins
  • Avoidance of harmful chemicals

Enzymes are an efficient and environment-friendly alternative to many chemical solutions. After delivering the desired effect, these all-rounders, as proteins, are inactivated within the process, for example by heat. That means they have no more function in the final product and are therefore harmless. Because of these special properties, enzymes are kind of magical.

Dr. Karin Abraham, Head of R&D

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Enzymes for accelerated reactions

Enzymes for accelerated reactions

Overcoming barriers

In reactions from a starting product to the desired final product, there is always an energy barrier that must be overcome. This resistance of a reaction, known as the activation energy, can be reduced with the help of enzymes. In this way, enzymes can accelerate biochemical reactions many times over or even enable them in the first place.

Make use of the full potential

The right way to use enzymes

An enzyme reaction can be influenced by various parameters. In addition to the enzyme to substrate ratio as a key factor, the reaction conditions are especially relevant. The temperature and pH are very important, since every enzyme has a pH and temperature optimum in which it works best. SternEnzym will be glad to help you determine the right dosing point in your process.

Factors affecting emulsions

Scientific knowledge

It is part of our philosophy to publish our findings in scientific journals. We protect all new ideas with patents.


Stern-Technology Center

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