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Enzymes for improving dairy products

Milk and dairy products remain some of the most important staple foods, in Europe and around the world. They are valuable sources of nutrients, especially calcium and protein. In the manufacture of dairy products, enzymes can have a positive effect on digestibility and additionally provide sensory and technological benefits.

In this area, we focus on two enzyme applications in particular:
The frequently encountered problem of lactose intolerance can be solved with the aid of lactase. Besides, splitting lactose into glucose and galactose has the added benefit of increasing the sweetness of the product.

The texture of dairy products has a major impact on consumer acceptance. The enzyme transglutaminase is commonly used to crosslink proteins to get the desired texture.

  • Lactase splits lactose and makes products easier to digest.

  • Transglutaminase links proteins to improve the texture of dairy products.

The specific functions of enzymes can be used to optimise dairy products so that they not only taste better, but can also be enjoyed by consumers with lactose intolerance.

Uliana Moisch, Enzyme Application Engineer

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Lactase for dairy products

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Lactase for better digestibility

The enzyme lactase is commonly used in the production of lactose-free dairy products. It splits lactose into glucose and galactose, not only making the final product easier to digest but also providing technological and sensory benefits. It can boost sweetness without the addition of sugar and breaking down the lactose also prevents crystallisation processes in high solid content dairy products, like ice cream and sweetened condensed milk.


  • Manufacture of lactose-free or reduced lactose dairy products
  • Higher sweetness without added sugar
  • Prevention of lactose crystallisation in high solid content dairy products

Firmness due to protein linkage

Transglutaminase for the dairy industry

Low solid content and reduced fat dairy products often lack smoothness, creaminess and mouthfeel. Transglutaminase creates new linkages within and between proteins, especially via the amino acids L-glutamine and L-lysine. This gives dairy products a creamy to firm consistency, while reducing syneresis at the same time.


  • Improved consistency and firmness
  • Fuller mouthfeel and creaminess
  • Reduced synaeresis


  • Quark
  • Yogurt, ayran
  • Vegan alternatives, tofu
Transglutaminase for dairy products

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