Owner-managed, personal, global

The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe Know-How Connection

For years, the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has been one of the world’s most successful international suppliers of food & feed ingredients. This is due first and foremost to the company structure and philosophy

  • An owner-managed family company that takes the long view
  • 12 special companies with different target applications and industries, that work closely together and across disciplines
  • 20 foreign subsidiaries, and production facilities in 9 different countries
  • Over 1800 employees worldwide, 1170 in Germany and 630 in other countries
  • Bundling of specialist knowledge and use of synergies through the Know-How Connection
  • Joint research and development of tailor-made food and feed systems
  • Individual customer consulting, flat hierarchies, fast decision-making
  • Global resources and worldwide network in over 100 countries for international partnerships

As an owner-operated family company, we can keep up with the constant changes in the food industry with great flexibility and creativity. We can respond quickly, flexibly and dynamically to customer wishes and events on the world market. Our focus is on innovative solutions and consulting!

Torsten Wywiol, CEO and Management Spokesman

The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe specialists: From single ingredients to functional systems

Working together, creating solutions

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