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The Stern-Technology Center

Enzymes have a very wide range of uses in the food industry. We generate the technical expertise for the optimum use of our enzymes in our unique Stern-Technology Center. In over 3000 m² of laboratory and technical facilities, we bundle the expertise of some 150 R&D specialists from the entire Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.

This close cooperation with our sister companies and the close contact with our customers enable to find exactly the right solution for very specific requirements. We also keep abreast of developments and are constantly improving our products.

The deep understanding and expert use of enzymes are core competences of the research and development of our company group. This way, we can react to customer requests individually, expertly and creatively.

Dr. Lutz Popper, Scientific Director at the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

Application trials with enzymes

Enzyme laboratory

With the enzyme laboratory, we have created an infrastructure that allows us to focus very closely on practical enzyme applications in food manufacturing, in addition to joint fundamental research with universities and partner companies. Almost all of our enzymes start their journey with basic analyses at lab scale, before they are tested in pilot plants and are then finally used by the customer.

Rheology laboratory

For the development of customised enzyme systems for wafers, biscuits and other baked goods, a precise knowledge of the flour properties is needed. In our rheology lab, we analyse the customer’s flour to find the falling number, protein content, gluten index and many other parameters. Our application experts then develop and test enzymes in the baking and wafer labs to find the optimum solution for the respective flour.

Analysis of flour properties
Pilot plant for wafer production

Wafer laboratory

With the launch of the wafer lab, SternEnzym took another important step in applications technology. Thus, we have all the equipment necessary to do a full range of tests with your flour and find the exact solutions needed. This fully automated pilot plant with transferrable parameters and full-size baking plates makes it simple to go to production scale.

Baking laboratory

Once the flour parameters are known from rheology, experience shows which flour treatments are promising. Nevertheless, the only way to really know the effect the enzymes have on the dough and the finished product is to replicate the entire production process. We do that in our baking lab, with the help of kneading machines, climate simulator, freezers and various kinds of ovens. All customer conditions can be replicated and thus the enzyme system individually adjusted.

Application testing in baked goods
Application testing in dairy products

Dairy laboratory

We develop and test enzyme-based solutions for dairy products and vegan alternatives in our dairy laboratory, which is equipped with the latest technology. This way, we can run tests for all kinds of dairy products at pilot-plant scale. For example, we can help you produce lactose-free milk, yogurt with an improved texture or curd-cheese with a higher yield.

Meat and fish laboratory

Our versatile and well-equipped meat and fish lab has everything needed to test our enzymes in many applications and products. One of our core competences is the development of high-performance meat binding systems, using transglutaminase as a central component. Another focus is on meat and fish maturing systems based on selected proteases.

Application testing in animal products

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