From starch to strength

Our solution for the alcohol industry

In the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, enzymes offer a very simple way to improve the overall process flow and especially the alcohol yield. During anaerobic fermentation of yeast, fermentable sugars are converted into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Prior enzymatic splitting of plant starch into these fermentable sugars by amylases is a very important step in the production of beer and ethanol. In addition, other carbohydrate-degrading enzymes and also proteases can contribute to the optimisation of the process flow and thus to a higher alcohol yield.

Our comprehensive enzyme portfolio enables the production of alcoholic beverages to the latest standard.

Enzymes for the ethanol industry


Our solution for the ethanol industry

The basic material for the production of ethanol is starch, which is split into fermentable sugars by heat and enzymes. The starch is mashed into water, heated to the gelatinisation temperature and then liquefied using various amylases. Alpha-amylases are used to decompose high-molecular starch into water-soluble dextrins. Subsequent application of glucoamylases splits these short-chain dextrins into individual glucose monomers.


  • Energy savings
  • Shorter process duration
  • Improved alcohol yield


Our solution for the beer industry

Beer is made by fermenting malt (germinated grain). The art of brewing is being constantly refined in order to raise the quality of the final product and the efficiency of manufacture. Formerly brewers relied on naturally occurring enzymes in the malt, but today with technically produced enzymes it is possible to control the production process much more precisely in order to meet rising quality demands as well as reduce costs.


  • Better use of raw materials
  • Production of low-carb beers
  • Shorter filtration time
  • Reduced protein clouding
  • Shorter lager time
Enzymes for beer-making

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