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Competence, experience and eagerness to tread new paths: these are the qualities that put SternEnzym ahead.

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Product development for bread and rolls at the trial bakery in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg.

Since its establishment in 1988 SternEnzym has specialized as an enzyme designer, developing enzymes and enzyme compounds in response to the specific challenges its customers face. We are familiar with nearly every enzyme used in food production and know from experience which multi-enzyme compounds can be used to achieve the strongest synergisms and the best results.

Innovative products as problem-solvers: our enzyme compound replaces bromate.

We started with enzyme compounds for bakery products. When potassium bromate was prohibited in countries outside Europe we created an enzymatic bromate substitute for our sister company Mühlenchemie. This product contributed greatly to making Mühlenchemie the international market leader in flour improvers. It was followed by further new products for bread, rolls, biscuits, crackers, wafers and other types of baked goods.

In recent years we have extended our skills in applications technology to include pasta, confectionery, alcoholic beverages, dairy products, the sugar industry and meat and fish products.