Illustration Bakery Products

Our multi-enzyme complexes help to optimize food processing and reduce costs.

Our enzyme systems for bakery products can be used specifically to optimize nearly all the properties of bread, rolls and pastry goods. The benefit: lower production costs, and results that convince the consumer.

Bakery Products


SternEnzym product

Principle enyzmes in product

Function and effect

Bakery products

Bread, rolls, baking improvers

Sternzym series

Amylase, xylanase, carboxylesterase, oxidase

  • Greater rising power
  • Stabilizes the dough

Biscuits, crackers

Sternzym BK

Protease, xylanase

  • Softens the gluten
  • Stabilizes the shape
  • Browns


Sternzym LQ

Protease, xylanase

  • Breaks down gluten
  • Releases water
  • Lessens cleavage

Breadcrumb coatings

Sternzym T

Amylase, xylanase

  • Better leavening
  • Less added water

Consumers know what they want: fewer additives!

Our approach to Clean Labeling: natural or tried-and-tested alternatives. The trend towards healthy and unadulterated food has been increasing for years. SternEnzym has taken up this subject in cooperation with its customers and developed “clean label” or “lean label” products for a number of different fields.
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