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Competence, experience and eagerness to tread new paths: these are the qualities that put SternEnzym ahead.

SternEnzym as part of the unique Know-How Connection of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

SternEnzym’s success as a designer of food enzymes has a lot to do with its membership of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, an independent group of companies specializing in food and feed ingredients. All the individual firms within the group attach great importance to competent advice on applications and to research and development. The group’s applications laboratories, fitted with the latest equipment, are concentrated under one roof at our Technology Centre in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg. Besides our applications laboratory for enzymes they include a vitamin and micronutrient laboratory, a trial bakery, and applications laboratories for dairy products, deli foods, fish, meat and lipids. In addition we have pilot plant for spray drying and fluid bed processing.

Interdisciplinary cooperation: the secret of our success

It is in applications technology that our interdisciplinary cooperation proves most valuable. The experts often develop new solutions that benefit more than one company. SternEnzym takes an active part in this exchange too, and profits from the results. For example, we originally created our enzyme Sweetase for our sister company HERZA. And for Berg + Schmidt we develop new feed enzymes.

The Experts from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe: from Single Ingredients to Functional Systems. Working together - creating solutions.