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Competence, experience and eagerness to tread new paths: these are the qualities that put SternEnzym ahead.

The milestones of our success


Further diversification of enzyme solutions designed for milk, cheese, fish and meat.


Development of enzymes for grain-based alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Our enzyme designers present an important innovation: sulphydryl oxidase, a new enzyme for flour maturation. The enzyme can also function in the low-oxygen environment at the centre of a dough.

Together with its partners in the northern cluster “BIOKATALYSE 2021” (consisting of large enterprises, small and medium-sized companies and technical universities), SternEnzym wins First Prize in the competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in its programme “BioIndustrie 2021”.


With the new product series Spritase and Optizym, SternEnzym extends its activities to enzyme compounds for beer and spirits.


SternEnzym works for customers in the sugar confectionery industry. The most important products include Bactozym and Sweetase.


SternEnzym develops Sternzym BX. This compound of enzymes with synergistic effects serves as a substitute for potassium bromate in flour treatment.


A new enzyme compound replacing metabisulphite in the production of biscuits and crackers is presented.


Start of close cooperation with SternEnzym’s sister company Mühlenchemie. The products developed are enzyme compounds for flour improvement, for example Alphamalt.


Volkmar Wywiol establishes SternEnzym. The object of the new company is to develop enzymes for the bakery industry.